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We are an independent collective of young architects, designers, and political scientists. Since 2013, our network has supported extraordinary humanitarian projects with a social impact. We believe that architectural practice always requires an understanding of social and cultural phenomenaas well as confrontation of the Genius loci.

A sensitive approach to an assignment can only be achieved through the holistic consideration of the on-site partner, regional particularities, and ecological and economic resources.


Our different professions form a spectrum of various competencies and experiences. The diverse points of view we have due to our different backgrounds allow us to pursue alternative, transformative, and sustainable solutions.

we are

feat. collective

Matthias Both

Architect, Stuttgart

Carolin Lintl

Communication Designer, Munich

Felix Lupatsch


Noemi Ott

Architect, Zurich

Valentin Ott

Architect, Zurich

Stefanie Schwemle

Interior Architect, Stuttgart

Spela Setzen

Adm. Sciences,


Felix Yaparsidi

Architect, Zurich

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