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The members of the collective have a profound knowledge of the socially engaged architectural student projects, including the university curricula, PR and fundraising.


We took actively part in the conception and realization of the design course “Ein Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum fur Sri Lanka” at the University of Stuttgart (IRGE) in the summer term 2013.

The essential parts of the course were:

  • Investigation, collecting knowledge, learn to use the tools of analysis

  • Learning to know the building culture, visiting the location, workshops, determining the requirements

  • Interdisciplinary workshop with the students and local participants in Sri Lanka

  • Developing the concept, designing stage, working it out and presentation

  • an exhibition of the students projects

  • Publication “Lanka Learning Center. Taking the next step”.



Currently we are cooperating with a Platform “E1nszue1ns. Architektur als social Design“ at the University of Stuttgart and supporting several student projects.


IRGE Institut für Raumkonzeptionen und Grundlagen der Gestaltung,
University Stuttgart


Intercultural Workshop with students and locals in Battiacaloa  for Lanka Learning Center (2013)

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