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RIBA International Prize

The RIBA International Prize awards the most transformative buildings which demonstrates visionary, innovative thinking, excellence of execution, and makes a distinct contribution to its users and physical context. We are happy and honored to be in the RIBA selection 2018 and now officially winner in the RIBA Awards for International Excellence 2018 / RIBA International Emerging Architect 2018 [Gewinner]

"The overall atmosphere is both one of delight and an overwhelming appreciation of context, creating a building of outstanding merit achieved with limited means.

Our project is dependent on donations. If you wish to support the Lanka Learning Center and it's carrier – the non profit organisation- steps of forgiveness e.V please note:

S.T.E.P.S. of forgiveness e.V. Burg Straße 30, 17489 Greifswald

IBAN: DE77 150 50 5000 100 150 705


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